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Is StockPair a Legitimate Broker?

Many traders who are new to binary options come across StockPair in an online advertisement and wonder whether the broker is actually legitimate. The reality is that there is no StockPair scam going on. In fact, they're one of the most reputable brokers in the binary options industry and have been around for several years.

How to Find Out Whether a Broker Like StockPair Is Legitimate?

The best way to get more information on the reputation of StockPair or any other broker is to visit review sites like GoBinaryOptions. This allows you to quickly see if a particular binary options broker is one that you would trust with your investments. Professional broker reviews give you more details about a broker's reputation and whether they're licensed to provide online trading services. They also provide some insight on the platform they offer, what kind of assets they let you trade, the minimum deposit and investment amounts and any promotions or bonuses they currently offer to new traders.

Minimizing the Risks of Being Scammed

Even though StockPair is a fully legitimate company and is regulated by the EU CySEC, cautious traders recommend following certain precautions when signing up with a new broker in order to reduce the chance of losing money in case of a scam or if a broker suddenly goes out of business.

Generally, it is a good idea to make your first deposit lower than what you would normally send to a broker that you already know and trust. You can then start trading, see if their platform works properly and request a withdrawal when it is time. If everything went smoothly and you received your funds in a timely fashion, you can then make them your preferred binary options broker and start depositing your usual amounts. Click on stockpair scam for more details.

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